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Licensing Fee is $599

Financing available with $199 down payment and $100 a month for 4 months.
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     As a hypnotist, you may have smiled or frowned when you saw the words and felt the thoughts that were conjured up by a ‘Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination’. That’s fine! You may have loved it or hated it, and that’s fine! Did it call to your attention the world famous technique of hypnotic gastric band surgery? Did you smile or frown at the word ‘surgery’? Would you like to have a thousand dollars for every hypnotist in the world that uses the hypnotic gastric band surgery technique? I, alone, have licensed 95 hypnotists throughout the world to use my Thinner Band Hypnosis Imaginary Gastric Band Surgery Prograsm….at a licensing cost of $1,297!

     After you got over the initial reaction to the concept, did you realize, as a hypnotist, that we humans are one ‘giant memory’ who act and react according to ‘triggers’? As Dr. Bruce Lipton, the eminent cell biologist, has said, ‘the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful that the conscious mind and controls 99% of our life’s actions”! The technique of administering an imaginary smoking vaccination not only programs the subconscious to send messages throughout a person’s being that there is some sort of vaccine permeating their body and mind to eliminate urges, cravings, needs, and desires to smoke, but also to alleviate and eliminate nicotine withdrawals. The technique instills the ‘vaccination trigger’ and also the ‘dragon trigger’ to fortify and make permanent the abstinence from smoking. Isn’t ‘permanence’ what we are seeking? Do we not thrive with success in our practices by uses all of the tools and techniques that we can design to benefit our clients. Is not our client the most important person in the hypnotist-client relationship? All are in agreement that smoking is an addiction and addictions do not fight fair fights. We must muster all of our forces to defeat the ‘Dragon of Addiction’ and the ‘Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination’ is one of those powerful forces. There are so many people that have tried many, many times to stop smoking but could not do it on their own because the addiction is very strong. The ‘vaccination’ is one of the catalysts to get over the addiction hurdle and start a person on their path of freedom and power!

     I have always felt that once a person comes into our offices, this is a great opportunity to go beyond the issues that are brought to us, so that the client may create a ‘new person’ and enjoy life to the fullest without the burdens that they have been carrying for so long a period of time. If the ‘vaccination’ attracts clients to your office so that you will be in the position to give them immeasurable help, then this is accomplished. Persons who buy the CDs that are offered or just listen to the free sample clips on this site, may then recognize the value of hypnosis and avail themselves of our personal services. After all, isn’t the ‘life help’ that we give to our clients the end result that we are seeking? I, personally, always go beyond ‘smoking’ and this is why I work with a ‘smoking client’ for (3) sessions. I want to assure permanence, power and freedom.

     Are you going to look back a year from now at all of the hypnotists using the Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination Technique and say to your yourself that you had the foresight to recognize the value of this technique, or are you going to say to yourself, that you missed the opportunity to be one of the first hypnotists administering the vaccination? There are (7) CDs in the program and a Practice Manual with all of the scripts utilized by me in these CDs. They are ready for you to use immediately. You may listen to the clips of these (7) CDs here. This is an introductory offer for you to become licensed as a “Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination’ practitioner and use this name for which a Trademark Application has been filed in Washington, D.C. Naturally, the original material which I created is also Copyrighted. You shall also receive the right to duplicate CD6 ‘Self-Hypnosis’ and CD7 the ‘Stress Protection Mirror’ to give to your clients, but not to offer for sale to non-clients or on the internet. As part of the Licensing, you shall also be listed in the Smoking Vaccination Practitioner section so that clients may easily locate you, and also have your own personal page upon which you can list your bio, specialties, contact details, directions, etc., similar to the set-up that we have on I refer you to that page as an example of how the ‘locator’ shall work here after a sufficient time has passed in this introductory offer stage.

     As you will surely note, there is no hype nor sales pitch on this page, as I do not believe that this is necessary for you to recognize the value of this program. The cost of the License which includes the Practice Manual and set of (7) CDs is $599. The License is forever and there is nothing further to buy. This Licensing fee is subject to change in the future. You may order your set below and also use the PayPal Credit service that is offered.

Become a Licensed Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination Practitioner now!
Licensing Fee is $599, all major credit cards and PayPal accepted.
Includes the License, Practice Manual with 7 CD's (Free Shipping), and access to the Private Section (see below).

When you become licensed, you will receive access to the following in a Private Section of the website:


1.    Confidential Interview Form
2.    Smoking Descriptions Form
3.    Smoking Stressors Form
3a.  Smoking Information for Hypnotists
4.    'No Smoke Poke" Fun Stop Smoking Contract with conscious and subconscious self
4a.  Stop Smoking Contract Cover
5.    Stop Smoking Affirmations
5a.  Smoking Affirmations Cover

ARTWORK (Editable for your personal use)

6. 'No Smoke Poke' EDITABLE Brochure Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination
7. Red Poster 'No Smoke Poke' Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination (For Office, Windows, or Shows)
8. Yellow Poster 'No Smoke Poke' Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination (For Office, Windows, or Shows)
9. Letter 'No Smoke Poke' EDITABLE
10. Envelopes 'No Smoke Poke' EDITABLE
11. Note Pad 'No Smoke Poke' EDITABLE *(Use same artwork as Letterhead)
12 Return address label 'No Smoke Poke' EDITABLE * (Use same artwork as Envelope)
13. Sticker RED 'No Smoke Poke'
14. Sticker YELLOW 'No Smoke Poke'
15. Magnet 'No Smoke Poke' * (Use same artwork as front of Business Card)
16. Business Card (EDITABLE) 'No Smoke Poke'

* When you have uploaded the files to a printing company, then call their support number and they will follow through with applying the artwork to various items such as a return address label. Everything that should contain your contact details has been made EDITABLE. Other artwork such as Posters and stickers are not editable as they are used primarily to obtain attention.


17. Right to use all artwork on own personal website
18. Right to link to which houses the 'No Smoke Poke' Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination Program
19. Right to duplicate the CDs known as Self-Hypnosis and Stress Protection Mirror to give or sell to their clients, but not to offer to the general public
20. Trademark Protection (United States Patent & Trademark Office)
21. Copyright Protection (United States Copyright Office)


22. A 115 page Practice Manual which contains all scripts contained in the Hypnotic Smoking Vaccination CDs
23. Set of (7) CDs professionally studio produced with sound engineer

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